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Some of the many applications of QuickSleeper or SleeperOne that will change your approach to anesthesia bring more fun to your daily practice ...

Anesthesia for children

Osteocentral anesthesia can be performed on children with QuickSleeper or SleeperOne. We use a shorter DHT needle but the benefits are the same as for adults: efficiency, immediacy and absence of pain.

With the pen grip and the DHT needle, in most cases, it is not necessary to put the needle into rotation to penetrate into the spongy bone. Your anesthesia is silent.

The absence of numbness is an added advantage that removes the risk of self-biting. You let your young patients leave safely.

Anesthesia is performed without penetration effort and with an electronically controlled speed guaranteeing maximum comfort throughout the day.

The psychological approach with a "pen" instead of a syringe is a real asset for young patients.
For all these reasons, a number of pediatric dentistry services have adopted SleeperOne or QuickSleeper for their daily practice



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