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Some of the many applications of QuickSleeper or SleeperOne that will change your approach to anesthesia bring more fun to your daily practice ...

Anesthesia of the incisor-canine block

With its rotating needle, QuickSleeper enables to inject in the spongy bone between the two central teeth.
Your anesthesia is successful! The anesthetic diffuses distally to anesthetize immediately and without numbness up to 6 teeth *.

Osteocentral anesthesia with QuickSleeper is the ideal technique to practice a comfortable deep scaling for your patient or perform several treatments on anterior sectors.

With QuickSleeper, get more pleasure out of your daily practice!

* The number of teeth usually
anesthetized upon injection of a 1.8 ml cartridge of anesthetic. This information is presented for illustrative purposes.

OC bloc incisivo canin

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