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Some of the many applications of QuickSleeper or SleeperOne that will change your approach to anesthesia bring more fun to your daily practice ...

Multi-sector anesthesia

With its injection near the apex, osteocentral anesthesia has decisive advantages to develop the treatment of several sectors:
- Absence of failure,
- Immediate anesthesia,
- Absence of numbness,
- Absence of complementary palatal or lingual injections even for an extraction,
- Absence of pain.

Using QuickSleeper daily can significantly improve the profitability of your practice.

- You eliminate loss of time related to anesthesia failures or to the lag time of infiltrations or nerve blocks.
- You reduce the number of appointments and related costs (technical costs, installation time ...).
- You increase the number of
invoiced acts per appointment.
- You organize your schedule
simply without having to manage the prolonged numbness of your patients and their returing to work.

With QuickSleeper, anesthesia becomes an asset to improve the organization of your dental practice.

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