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Some of the many QuickSleeper or SleeperOne that will change your approach to anesthesia bring more fun to your daily practice ...

Osteocentral anesthesia of mandibular molars

Osteocentral anesthesia is characterized by an injection in the center of the spongy bone, near the apex. It enables to anesthetize immediately and without numbness up to 3 molars with a single injection.

Many articles confirm that the osteocentral technique has superior efficacy than nerve block. It also has several advantages:
- It does not cause numbness
- Its effect is immediate
- It is very efficient even on molars with pulpitis
- It enables to work by sector.

The quantity injected determines the number of teeth anesthetized, the duration (1 hour max) and the power of anesthesia.
Performed with QuickSleeper, this technique is very simple, painless and the benefits can be observed immediately. Forget the anesthesia  that does not work, the patient returning home without being treated!

Organize your days without the stress of the anesthesia of mandibular molars!

Video in French. English version coming soon.

Discover osteocentral anesthesia protocol

With QuickSleeper easily perform osteocentral anesthesia in 3 steps.

Video in French. English version coming soon.

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