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Some of the many applications of QuickSleeper or SleeperOne that will change your approach to anesthesia bring more fun to your daily practice ...

Pulpitis anesthesia

With QuickSleeper you perfectly control the concentration and amount of anesthetic deposited in the spongy bone. By injecting, for example, one 1/100 000 adrenaline cartridge*, near the apex of a tooth with pulpitis, you ensure an immediate and safe anesthesia .

Osteocentral anesthesia favourably replaces nerve block anesthesia. It also permanently replaces the use of intraligamentary followed by intrapulpal, deleting also the pain suffered by the patient.

Osteocentral anesthesia with QuickSleeper brings true serenity in the management of the practice. No unbilled appointments, stressless emergency management, an enhanced brand image.

* This information is given for information purpose and should be adapted to the patient under the sole responsibility of the practitioner.



Pulpite 45

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