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QuickSleeper 5 is an electronic pen that efficiently and comfortably performs all your dental anesthesias including osteocentral anesthesia.

Thanks to its state of the art technology, QuickSleeper enables to perform all anesthesia techniques. It is the only device that enables to perform osteocentral anesthesia quickly and without failure.

Associated with DHT needles, it enables injection in the center of the spongy bone very close to the apex. Anesthesias are successful instantaneously and without numbness.

Many countries have adopted osteocentral anesthesia due to its many advantages and particularly for the ease with which it enables anesthetizing mandibular molars, even with pulpitis.

The daily applications

  • Anesthesia for routine treatments
  • Anesthesia of mandibular molars
  • Anesthesia of teeth with pulpitis
  • Multi-sector anesthesia (incisor-canine block, premolars, deep scaling, etc.)


Find some exemple of QuickSleeper applications.

Increase efficiency and profitability

The anesthesia of up to 6 teeth, with no waiting and no numbness allows you to group your treatments, reduce your appointments, your technical expenses and supplies.

The efficiency of QuickSleeper increases the profitabilty of your practice.

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Discover anesthesia protocol

Discover the handling and benefits of QuickSleeper 5

A handpiece with pen grip, an electronic injection system, a wireless pedal control system, QuickSleeper has everything to meet your expectations.

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Acclaimed by dentists

Less stress, time saving, increased profitability for your practice, discover the many benefits of the daily use of QuickSleeper.

Find out why they made the leap!




The benefits of QuickSleeper


QuickSleeper is handled like a pen. Your fingers are close to the needle and you can use real support points!

You have never been so precise and comfortable in anesthesia!


Pen grip + electronic injection ! No muscular effort required.

Like many practitioners unable to manipulate their syringe or ratchet anymore, find happiness achieving perfect anesthesia without pain.


Quicksleeper has an exclusive feature that puts the needle in rotation to pass through cortical bone easily and without pain. Thus the injection is  closer to the apex.

Discover the applications of QuickSleeper.


Praised by the faculties, in pediatric dentistry and endodontics, QuickSleeper is regularly published.

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Warranty 2yrs

QuickSleeper is designed and assembled in France with quality components and many controls. QuickSleeper is guaranteed for 2 years parts and labor.

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