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French manufacturer, expert in dental anesthesia

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French manufacturer, expert in dental anesthesia

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The electronic injection pen
for fast and painless dental anesthesia

French manufacturer, expert in dental anesthesia
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For more than 20 years, Dentalhitec has been promoting the most effective dental anesthesia technique : intraosseous anesthesia.

A range that meets all your needs

Painless injection
Our EFFITEC needles have a patented scalpel-like bevel, to anesthetize the gingiva and pass through cortical bone easily and safely.
Pen grip
The pen grip of our delivery devices offers much higher precision than manual syringes.
Controlled injection
The electronically controlled anesthetic delivery system provides a level of precision impossible to achieve by hand, and ensures the recommended injection speed of 1ml per minute.
Osteocentral anesthesia
Two electronic injection pens from our range can be used to perform osteocentral anesthesia. You can penetrate bone and inject the anesthetic in one step.
Our injection pens look nothing like manual syringes. Patients appreciate the injection pens, including children and people who experience anxiety at the mere sight of a needle and syringe.
Easy to use
The basic functions of our injection pens are easy to learn and memorize.
Sleek design
Our products look nothing like manual syringes.
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Modern image of the practice
In the digital age, it's only natural to replace manual syringes with an electronic system.
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Discover the benefits of intraosseous anesthesia


Immediate effect

Effective in all clinical situations


No unwanted numbness

Also suitable in pediatric dentistry

Allows multi-sector anesthesia

Boosts profitability

Enhances the practice’s image

Discover our range of our electronic injection systems and their advantages.


is the only device in the world allowing you to perform all local dental anesthesia injections, including intraosseous.
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Cordless anesthesia pen for easy and convenient anesthetic injections.
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is an electronic dental anesthesia injection system, simplifying and providing more comfort for your injections
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Effitec Needles®

have a patented double bevel that incise the tissues, without pricking, enabling optimal comfort and effectiveness.
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Andrew Prynne

Dr. Andrew PRYNNE,
Bournemouth - England

The introduction of intraosseous anesthesia into my practice has been the single most effective and career changing purchase that I have ever made.
Andrew Prynne
The introduction of intraosseous anesthesia into my practice has been the single most effective and career changing purchase that I have ever made.

Having been introduced to the concept by a marketing company who suggested that I build my image around being ‘Dr.Painless’, I very quickly realised that the QuickSleeper5 brought many incredible benefits to my patients, myself and my business.
My patients were amazed by the completely painless treatment from start to finish and by not having numb lips and tongue after treatment, I was stunned by the speed and predictability in which I could deliver painless and stressless dentistry and, through the sheer efficiency of the process and the time saving that results, my business is thriving.


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