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When dental anesthesia goes well, everything goes well! However, given that dental anesthesia techniques haven’t evolved for more than a century, it’s not just the patients who suffer, dental practioners also experience stress and lose time due to ineffective techniques. The literature reports up to 30% failure of ID blocks. All about our DNA

All about our DNA

Dr. Alain Villette, a dental surgeon in Cholet, France, decided one fine day in 1997 to do something to improve dental procedures for the benefit of dental practitioners and patients alike.

How ? By building on an early 20th century theory of intraosseous anaesthesia.

The idea : anesthetize the teeth as close as possible to the apex, directly in the cancellous bone. Dr. Alain Villette, assisted by his son Olivier, developed a few prototypes, then went on to produce some small runs and distribute the devices within his network. Dentalhitec was born.

Although Dr. Alain Villette is no longer active today, Olivier took over in 2010, remaining faithful to the company’s motto: to improve the experience of both dental practitioners and patients by constantly revolutionizing dental techniques. The founders united the Dentalhitec team around the exciting goal of advancing dental medicine and sharing the innovation widely.

Olivier and Alain Villette in 2017 at the 20 year anniversary of Dentalhitec.

Olivier has headed the company since 2010.

“In 1997, Dentalhitec was created by a dentist to provide concrete solutions to anesthesia problems. Today, the company has grown and is present internationally, but its DNA remains the same. We work with many practitioners in different countries to produce the best anesthesia systems. We develop effective and reliable products in order to achieve a single objective: to make things easier for healthcare professionals and their patients.”

Alain and Olivier Villette

A story of people
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For more than 20 years, the people of Dentalhitec have been helping improve the lives of practitioners and their patients. Discover our story !

Our story

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  • Expert in anesthesia with a controlled injection system
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  • French manufacturer
  • Over 20 years of clinical experience
  • Effective, innovative products that make life easier for practitioners and their patients
  • Complete training programs to learn or improve your skills in new dental anesthesia techniques

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Dentalhitec is a family business with 25 employees located in Mazières en Mauges, France, and we’re not just about style! We are Humanist, Visionary, Passionate, United, Conquering, Dynamic, Optimistic, Friendly

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