Hera are just a few of the numerous applications
that you will be able to perform with the Elea injection pen*.

* It is recommended to find out what clinical applications are authorized in your country.

While some people have luscious and dense lips, others may be troubled by thinner lips. Smoking, prolonged exposure to the sun and aging can exacerbate this effect, which can be upsetting for your patients. The injection of Hyaluronic Acid will augment and improve the volume and shape of the lips, restoring them to their former beauty.
apporter volume lèvres
The nasolabial folds are the grooves that start from the wing of the nose and join the corner of the mouth. As we age these grooves can deepen but they can be greatly softened by the injection of hyaluronic acid, so restoring the facial shape. Perioral wrinkles or 'smokers' lines' are fine wrinkles that radiate out from the edges of the vermillion border into the skin of the lips.
Hyaluronic acid works like a "sponge" with water and ensures the plumpness of the skin and the freshness of the complexion. Naturally present in our body, its production decreases with age. With injection of hyaluronic acid into the body of the lips, they can be restored to their formal fullness.
acide hyaluronique hydratation
Like the lips or the nose, the chin is an integral part of our face. In general, seen in profile, the chin is more or less in line with the lips. In some cases, such as in patients with a skeletal 'Class II' relationship, the chin is less prominent, that is to say receding. The neck then appears thicker and can be a source of upset to patients. Rather than resorting to cosmetic surgery, injecting hyaluronic acid is a much less invasive solution. With this treatment, the face regains harmony.
menton fuyant acide hyaluronique


This hyaluronic acid injection system offers great precision thanks to its pen grip and foot control. Diversify your practice with Elea !

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