Here are just a few of the many SleeperOne clinical applications that will change your approach to anesthesia and bring you greater serenity.

For phobic, anxious or young patients, the fact of having a minimally invasive system and a passive injection will minimize their apprehension. SleeperOne is an electronic injection pen that painlessly diffuses the anesthetic drop by drop. Using SleeperOne in your daily practice will encourage and enable such patients to receive regular dental care.
SleeperOne is great for treating caries, even deep caries. One intraligamentary injection is enough for the effective treatment of single rooted teeth. No additional injections are required. For the molars, 2 intraligamentary injections will render effective and comfortable anesthesia for a painless treatment.
SleeperOne is also ideal in cases of soft-tissue surgery. For this an infiltration close to the treatment zone will render almost immediate anesthesia of the soft tissues so the surgery can be delivered swiftly and comfortably.
chirurgie des tissus mous

SleeperOne 5

Trade your manual syringe for this electronic injection system, ultra precise thanks to it’s real pen grip. Increase the efficiency of all your anesthesias, without changing your habits.

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