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GENERAL – Can intraosseous anesthesia be used with children ?

Yes, intraosseous (or osteocentral) anaesthesia can be performed in children using QuickSleeper (with and without needle rotation), Soan (without rotation) or SleeperOne (without rotation).

Children have much lower bone density than adults, making bone perforation much easier, without necessarily requiring needle rotation.
On average, from 0 to 9 years of age, osteocentral anesthesia can be performed with Soan or SleeperOne without rotation (after checking the bone density of children).

From the age of 9 onwards, the bone wall generally becomes denser and requires a rotation cycle with QuickSleeper.

Peluche - QuickSleeper5  Peluche - SoanPeluche - SleeperOne5

The protocol is similar to osteocentral anesthesia in adults

A shorter Effitec-specific needle (30G-9mm) is used, but the advantages are the same as for adults: efficacy, immediacy and absence of pain.

Protocol for osteocentral anesthesia without rotation :

The benefits of osteocentral anesthesia in pediatric dentistry:

  • Effective against MIH
  • Reduces risk of ischemia and necrosis
  • No soft-tissue numbness and eliminates risk of self-biting
  • Immediate effect of anesthesia (no need to wait for propagation after injection)
  • Painless for the small patient
  • Failure-free (anesthesia ALWAYS effective)
  • Applicable to maxilla and mandible
  • Better cooperation from the small patient



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