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Which needle should I use ?

Depending on the anesthesia technique programmed you have different options :

30 G – 16 mm
∅ 0.30 mm
30 G – 9 mm
∅ 0.30 mm
27 G – 16 mm
∅ 0.40 mm
Intraosseous (osteocentral adults)
Intraosseous (osteocentral children)
Transcortical (edentulous areas + retromolar trigonum)
Attached gingiva infiltration
Intraseptal / Subcrestal
Intraligamentary / PDL injection

All DHT needles have a scalpel blade bevel to incise the mucosal surface painlessly. They are composed of a siliconized stainless steel tube that effortlessly slides into the tissues. Due to their sizes and diameters, each needle will correspond to your requirements. A selection of needles is therefore included with your device.

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