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GENERAL – Why are patients less afraid of electronic injection pens than conventionnal syringes ?

The psychological approach with a “pen” rather than a syringe is a real asset, especially with small patients.
The design of these pens is more reassuring than a manual syringe, and offers more possibilities for children to divert their attention.

Exclusive pedodontists often describe the QuickSleeper, Soan and SleeperOne electronic injection pens with terms like “the magic wand” or “the magic pen”, to deconstruct the image of the needle for small patients and thus reassure them so as to get better cooperation from them during the anesthesia protocol.

Stylo magique - SleeperOne5Peluche - QuickSleeper5  Peluche - Soan

This psychological approach to diverting attention facilitates the flow of care. That’s why many pediatric departments have adopted QuickSleeper, Soan or SleeperOne in their daily practice.



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