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Elea is an electronic system for the injection of hyaluronic acid offering you the best to perfect your patients' smiles. Learn more

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Why integrate hyaluronic acid injections with Elea, into your practice ?

Elea is an electronic pen, part of the Dentalhitec range, allowing tthe injection of hyaluronic acid easily and with extreme precision.

The advantages of an electronic injection for this procedure::

  • The electronically controlled diffusion of the product is completely painless for the patient
  • No muscular effort is required
  • The injection is consistent unlike a manual injection
  • The electronic injection limits trauma to the tissues
Injections with total peace of mind
  • You have maximum focus on the handling during the injection
  • Drop by drop or constant diffusion for optimum patient comfort

Elea is an electronic injection system for the delivery of hyaluronic acid allowing ultimate precision thanks to its pen grip. You, therefore, benefit from the same advantages in your esthetic treatments as you do in your dental anesthesias using SleeperOne or QuickSleeper. This solution is ideal for all hyaluronic acid injections. Besides the comfort and precision, Elea will bring numerous advantages for you and your patients.

The advantages of Elea

Diversify your activity by offering an additional service that compliments your treatment and improvement of patients' smiles.
The pen grip and support points will allow you very high precision, whether it be for single or multiple injections. The wireless and batteryless pedal, allows you to master your injection while remaining focused on the treatment.
The lightness of the pen and the electronic injection will help you avoid unnecessary manual pressure and muscle fatigue.
Pain reduction
Elea greatly reduces discomfort during the needle penetration and product injection.
Modern, attractive image
The use of an electronic injection pen gives your practice an innovative, contemporary, high tech image.
Reassuring practice
By working with Elea, you present your patients with a safe and secure procedure which reduces the invasive aspect of the treatment.

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Backed by it’s well-renowned experience in the design and manufacture of electronic injection pens for the dental market, Dentalhitec has employed its expertise to give dentists access to a complementary technology.

  • A device that adapts to your equipment
  • Adapted to all carpules on the market

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