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The QuickSleeper5 electronic pen performs efficient and comfortable local dental anesthesia, but also, and in particular, intraosseous anesthesia.   Learn more

Over 10 million
anesthesias performed / year with QuickSleeper

Why choose intraosseous anesthesia
with QuickSleeper5 ?

QuickSleeper is the only system in the world that enables an easy injection of anesthetic close to the apices of the teeth. It possesses an exclusive needle rotation function enabling it to pass easily and painlessly through the cortical bone.

The advantages of intraosseous anesthesia :

  • Immediate & profound anesthesia
  • Effective
  • Painless
  • Without collateral soft tissue numbness
  • 2 to 6 teeth anesthetized with only one injection
  • Stressless anesthesias, even with children
  • Allows multi-quadrant treatments
  • Optimizes appointment and practice management

QuickSleeper is a state of the art electronic injection system with pen grip. Thanks to a wireless footpedal control your support points are ultimately efficient for maximal concentration and high precision anesthesias. The electronic system allows better management of injected volumes. QuickSleeper has all the benefits to optimize and ensure the reliability of your anesthesias.

The advantages of QuickSleeper5

Equip your practice today with a real practice buider, QuickSleeper5. All of your anesthesias are fast, painless and stressless due to the efficiency and to the absence of post-operative side effects. Your patients recognize & highly appreciate this modern and reassuring alternative. With QuickSleeper5, give yourself an additional tool to optimize your practice.

Immediately effective
2 minutes after the beginning of the anesthestic procedure the treatment can start with the certainty that the anesthesia has taken. A real time saver !
Maximum precision
QuickSleeper is handled like a pen. Your fingers are close to the needle and you benefit from positive support points. Precision and comfort in anesthesia have never been easier !
Completely painless injections are possible with this device. Even children wonder where the needle has gone. The syringe is replaced by a "magic pen".
Appointment optimization
Discover how the electronic delivery of an intraosseous anesthesia can help not only to optimize but to increase practice profits through appointment optimization.
Reduce MSD
The anesthesia is comfortable for the patient but also for the practioner. No muscular effort is required no matter what anesthesia technique is performed.

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MARINA papachroni

Dr. Marina Papachroni, Pediatric Dentist,

I started using the SleeperOne device and I was very enthusiastic. It was painless, children were relaxed and we were talking to each other, even joking, during anesthesia.
MARINA papachroni
I started using the SleeperOne device and I was very enthusiastic. It was painless, children were relaxed and we were talking to each other, even joking, during anesthesia.
I had the opportunity to work on an entire quadrant with an injection and without any additional anesthesia. The parents were surprised and even asked me if there was a similar device for adults. No more lip bites and therefore phone calls. And what a surprise when I was able to carry out my treatments on different quadrants in the same appointment, it is very practical for the treatment plan. In young children and patients with special needs, care was much easier because there was no feeling of numbness. For these same reasons, it is possible to provide treatment from the first appointment.
I love this device, it has changed my clinical practice in such an incredible way that I am unable today to return to conventional anesthesia techniques. I even decided to buy a QuickSleeper so that I could perform intraosseous anesthesia in older children. Now I am the happiest pedodontist in the world. I cannot imagine going back on classic anesthesia, neither for me nor for my patients.
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  • A product that can integrate with your dental unit
  • Compatible with all 1.8 ml anesthetic cartridges on the market

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