Light, easy to use and ultimately precise

SleeperOne is an injection pen to perform all your local dental anesthesias more effectively and comfortably. With SleeperOne optimize and simplify all of your injections. Learn more

SleeperOne will not change your habits and
that changes everything !

Why choose the electronic injection with SleeperOne5 ?

Thanks to its pen grip SleeperOne5 offers great precision. The electronic injection perfectly controls the injection speeds enabling completely painless attached gingiva and palatal anesthesias. Its friendly, high tech design will reassure patients and reduce the anxiety associated with a manual syringe.

The advantages of an electronic injection :

  • Painless anesthesia due to the electronic and progressive injection
  • The anesthetic penetrates drop by drop into the tissues without pain
  • Simplifies the delivery of anesthetic into dense tissues without muscular effort
  • Reduces post-operative injection pain
  • Contributes towards the effectiveness of the injection
Anesthetize with complete peace of mind

SleeperOne is very light, so it can be held extremely close to the needle tip, with a real “pen grip”. You can work with good support points to obtain the same precision as you can with your turbine. The electronic system allows better control of the volume injected. SleeperOne gives you the possibility to perform all of your anesthesias more effectively, even intraosseous anesthesia with children, without changing your normal workflow.

SleeperOne, associated with needles from the DHT range, performs painless dental anesthesia for the patient, even palatal or intraosseous injections for children.

The advantages of SleeperOne5

The pen grip enables you to position your fingers close to the needle, thereby allowing more effective support points and maximum precision.
benefices-claquement doigts
SleeperOne is easy and pleasant to use. Your techniques are the same, only better.
SleeperOne's high tech design looks nothing like a manual syringe. Its friendly appearance reassures children and adults alike and after the first injection they know that this "magic pen" is completely painless.
The handpiece is very light for easy and comfortable handling. Its fineness enhances the visibility of the treatment zone.
Reduce RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)
Thanks to the electronic injection the dental professional no longer needs to apply pressure to the syringe to deliver the anesthetic.

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MARINA papachroni

Dr. Marina Papachroni, Pediatric Dentist,

I started using the SleeperOne device and I was very enthusiastic. It was painless, children were relaxed and we were talking to each other, even joking, during anesthesia.
MARINA papachroni
I started using the SleeperOne device and I was very enthusiastic. It was painless, children were relaxed and we were talking to each other, even joking, during anesthesia.
I had the opportunity to work on an entire quadrant with an injection and without any additional anesthesia. The parents were surprised and even asked me if there was a similar device for adults. No more lip bites and therefore phone calls. And what a surprise when I was able to carry out my treatments on different quadrants in the same appointment, it is very practical for the treatment plan. In young children and patients with special needs, care was much easier because there was no feeling of numbness. For these same reasons, it is possible to provide treatment from the first appointment.
I love this device, it has changed my clinical practice in such an incredible way that I am unable today to return to conventional anesthesia techniques. I even decided to buy a QuickSleeper so that I could perform intraosseous anesthesia in older children. Now I am the happiest pedodontist in the world. I cannot imagine going back on classic anesthesia, neither for me nor for my patients.
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20 years clinical experience

The guarantee of reliable &
state of the art equipment

The reassurance of a manufacturer, expert in dental anesthesia

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  • Family business
  • Over 20 year history
  • Design and manufacture in France
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  • 5th generation of product
  • Acclaimed by pediatric specialists & general dental practitioners

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  • Designed by dental professionals, for dental professionals
  • Wireless pedal enables all focus on the pen grip and support points
  • Ambidextrous handpiece
  • Can be installed on all dental units
  • Cost-effective consumables

Are you ready to adopt electronic injections with SleeperOne5 ?