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This cordless electronic injection pen gives an easy and convenient way to deliver anesthetic. Get this product Learn more

Soan works just like your other injection systems, so there’s no learning curve!

Why choose the Soan cordless computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery system?

Compact and lightweight, Soan offers the efficiency of computer-controlled injection combined with the convenience of a cordless device. This innovative system is the world’s most precise anesthetic delivery method.

The benefits of cordless electronic injection:

  • Freedom of movement
  • Painless and effective anaesthesia due to the progressive electronic injection system
  • The product penetrates drop by drop into the tissues, causing no pain
  • Effortless delivery, even for injections in dense tissues
  • Reduces necrosis
Convenient delivery system!

Like all injection pens in the Dentalhitec range, Soan features a pen grip enabling you to work with a high level of precision. This all-new cordless electronic injection system combines innovation with a sleek, elegant design patients find non-threatening. Because it’s cordless, it allows you as much freedom of movement as your manual syringe. This smart, high-tech device is a convenient, stress-free way to deliver anesthetic.

It’s cordless and requires no disposable batteries, so it fits perfectly into your environment and meets your needs.
It calculates the resistance of the tissues in real time and adjusts the injection speed and pressure accordingly, for a pain-free patient experience.
Its elegant, non-threatening design is suitable for both children and adults.
With the pen grip, your fingers grasp the device close to the needle for maximum precision.
Soan is aligned with our commitment to protecting the environment. It is made with local materials, the accessories are sterilizable and the packaging is entirely recyclable.
No muscle strain
The injection is electronically controlled by simply pressing the pedal.

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Soan is the best of quality and simplicity to perform all anesthesia.
Soan is the best of quality and simplicity to perform all anesthesia.

En intraligamentaire ou en intraseptale ce sont les mêmes sensations qu’avec SleeperOne mais avec plus de liberté car sans fil ! La pédale est très ergonomique. Soan est simple d’utilisation et performant.



Soan is esay to use, the injections are confortable with a hight precision thanks to the pen grip.
Soan is esay to use, the injections are confortable with a hight precision thanks to the pen grip.

C’est un appareil que l’on peut naturellement comparer aux autres systèmes d’injection sans fil mais sans les désavantages.

Ce qui me plaît beaucoup au Soan:

  • la prise en main est facile et intuitive comme les autres stylos de Dentalhitec
  • c’est une vraie prise stylo, donc plus de contrôle et des vrais points d’appui
  • les vitesses d’injection sont bonnes
  • la possibilité d’injecter en mode « Cruise » me plaît vraiment ! Un seul appui sur la pédale, c’est moins de tensions dans le pied.
  • la commande au pied est très pratique. Même pendant l’injection on garde le contrôle sans changer de position et sans bouger nos doigts sur la pièce à main contrairement à d’autres systèmes.
  • Idéal pour les intraligamentaires
20 years clinical experience
French manufacturer

The guarantee of reliable &
state of the art equipment

The reassurance of a manufacturer, expert in dental anesthesia

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  • High quality components resulting from over 20 years of research and development.
  • Every device is tested and approved by a qualified technical department before delivery.
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  • A product that can integrate with your dental unit
  • Compatible with all 1.8 ml anesthetic cartridges on the market

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