Injection pen for local anesthesia
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  • Light, easy to use and ultimately precise.

    SleeperOne is an injection pen to perform all your local dental anesthesias more effectively and comfortably. With SleeperOne optimize and simplify all of your injections.

  • Types of anesthesia that can be performed: Intraosseous for children, intraligamentary, intraseptal (subcrestal), infiltration, ID nerve blocks

  • Injection modes: 3 selection modes depending on the type of anesthesia performed
    Injection: Adjustable speed option
    Injected quantities: sound signal
    Adaptation of the injection speed: The resistance to the injection of SleeperOne5 adapts itself to delivery of the anesthesia
    Needle blockage warning: sound signal
    Handpiece cable length (m): 2.5
    Length x Maximum Diameter (mm): 175 x 21.5
    Weight (gr): 65

  • Fixing Type: Adhesive
    Integrated needle recapping system: Yes
    Length x diameter (mm): 78 x 44
    Optional: ADEC holder / PLANMECA holder
    Option key: included

  • Fixing: Flat, suspended or wall-mounted (adhesive)
    Length x width x height (mm): 66 x 65.8 x 21.7
    Weight (gr): 73
    Power supply: 24 V

  • Connection: Wireless & batteryless communication
    Controls: Injection, aspiration, mode selection, plunger return
    Removable arch: yes
    Length x width x height (mm): 200 x 205 x 150
    Weight (gr): 700

  • Usable Cartridges: Standard 1.8ml Glass
    Warranty: 2 years from the date of purchase

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